Scientists grow a piece of heart in lab, and it beats


TORONTO: Engineers have managed to a grow a piece of the human heart in a miniature form. And it beats! Researchers from University of Toronto and University of Montreal in Canada reverse-engineered a millimetre-long vessel that beats like a biological vessel.
The vessel pumps fluid “like the muscular exit-chamber of an embryo’s heart”, ScienceAlert reported. “With our model, we can measure ejection volume — how much fluid gets pushed out each time the ventricle contracts — as well as the pressure of the fluid,” Sargol Okhovatian, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, said. The model can be used to study heart diseases and test out therapies without the need for invasive surgery.
The model was developed in a lab using synthetic and biological materials. The cells were procured from cardiovascular tissues of rats. The structure mimics the left ventricle.


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