New emojis up for approval in 2022, include symbol of Sikh faith Khanda


Two pushing hands, a shaking face, and a Khanda (symbol of the Sikh faith) are some of the emojis that are up for approval this September, ahead of World Emoji Day, according to Emojipedia. The emoji reference website has also created sample designs for each candidate emoji. While not all emojis might make the cut, most emojis presented for approval have historically made the cut.

This draft lift from Emojipedia includes all the emojis presented for approval:

Shaking Face
Light Blue Heart
Grey Heart
Pink Heart
Rightwards Pushing Hand
Leftwards Pushing Hand
Pea Pod
Folding Hand Fan
Hair Pick
Black Bird

The designs from Emojipedia just give an idea about what they could look like once approved but the actual designs could vary based on the vendor. But it is very likely that these emojis would make the final cut because a majority of the candidates in Emojipedia’s draft list over the last few years have been approved, including the previous edition of the same draft in the year 2021.

The emojis that were presented for approval. (Image credit: Emojipedia)

On a related note, a survey by Slack and Duolingo has found that Indian users have wildly different ideas of what certain emojis represent. The “loud crying,” “blowing a kiss,” and the peach emojis were the ones that people found most confusing with 36 per cent of Indian users being perplexed by them.

The skull emoji also had many different interpretations as 46 per cent of Indian respondents said that it represents death while 35 per cent said that they use it to show that something is “so funny that they are dead”. Depending on who you are speaking to and the context of the conversation, the emojis you use could convey wildly different things. World Emoji Day is on July 17.


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