Global outage today? Massive solar flares headed towards Earth may cause blackouts, solar storm


Solar storms have always been a thing of worry for scientists and space researchers, as they are expected to have massive repercussions on the Earth. Now, a massive solar flare has escaped the Sun and is headed our way, expected to cause blackouts.

According to space experts, a solar flare is expected to hit the Earth soon, which may cause a powerful solar storm. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had raised an alert regarding a solar flare, which erupted from the Sun on June 14.

This solar flare can hit the Earth anytime soon and can be strong enough to cause a radio blackout towards the poles and other prone areas. The alert regarding the potential solar storm was posted by a physicist named Dr Tamitha Skov on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Dr. Tamitha Skov wrote, “The long snake-like filament cartwheeled its way off the Sun in a stunning ballet. The magnetic orientation of this Earth-directed solar storm is going to be tough to predict. G2-level (possibly G3) conditions may occur if the magnetic field of this storm is oriented southward!”



According to the space expert, the massive solar flare can erupt into a solar storm and can lead to potential blackouts across the globe on July 18, which is today. This solar storm can be of G-3 level, which is uncertain to cause any significant destruction, but can cause northern lights in parts of the world.

As per the definition of the phenomenon, a solar flare is an intense localized eruption of electromagnetic radiation in the Sun’s atmosphere. A solar flare can be classified into five major categories – A, B, C, M, and X – with X being the one with the highest intensity.

The solar storm caused by the flare on July 14 can impact radio communications, leading to blackouts in certain areas. GPS users have also been asked to remain on alert, as per the space expert. The solar storm can cause minor disruptions for ship and air travelers. 

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