Driver Walks Away After 1500-HP Nissan GT-R Rolls 11 Times


If there were ever a video ideal for displaying how safety equipment can save lives, it’s this one. It comes to us from Motive Video on YouTube during its coverage of the 2022 GT-R Challenge, a runway racing event in southeastern Australia, and it’s a doozy.

The video shows Mick Mansour losing control of his 1500-hp R33 Skyline GT-R as he accelerates down the runway, eventually turning the car sideways and forcing the right-side tires to de-bead. After that, the car launches into a violent barrel roll, flipping a total of 11 times before coming to a rest on its roof.

Mansour survived the crash only because the car had a full roll cage and a bucket seat with proper harnesses. While most of the car flung itself to pieces and disintegrated as it rolled, the safety cell remained intact, meaning Mansour only suffered minor bruises. It’s only a miracle if you don’t believe safety equipment can save you from mortal harm.

In the clip above, Motive Video interviews Mansour after the incident to get his take on the crash. He talks about what led up to the incident, what it was like as it was happening, and the moments after the car came to a stop. Wild stuff.

via Motor1

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