DOOM Eternal Standard, Steelbook, Special & Ultimate Physical Switch Editions Revealed


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; I suspect that LRG’s physical release will be a tailor-made build that only includes the base game’s content (plus updates). I’ve also noticed that English is the only supported language listed, which suggests that cuts were made in order to fit everything onto a 16GB cartridge.

This also means that save data for the eShop version will not be compatible with LRG’s release, nor will the DLC (though DLC can be purchased on its own anyway, even if you haven’t purchased the base game).

I suspect that a similar release will follow that contains the expansion missions in its own tailor-made build/cartridge, and while a complete all-in-one cart would have been preferable, this is a compromise that I am willing to accept.

I am also really glad that there is a separate steelbook edition for a change (though the US$20 premium stings).


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