Anand Mahindra shares space analogy to explain humility in human beings; internet agrees


Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra is popular not just for his business prowess but also for his witty and inspirational posts on social media. Recently, he reshared a photo of Earth taken from the planet Mars. The business tycoon found a lesson in an image that can explain humility in human beings. 

The image was originally shared by a Twitter account named, ‘Curiosity’. The image was taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover and was first shared by the space agency in 2014. NASA called the Earth the brightest star that can be seen from the planet Mars. Resharing the image, Anand Mahindra wrote, “If there’s just one thing this photo should teach us….it’s humility”.

Netizens’ reactions

The post has garnered around 4.7K likes accompanied by several comments and retweets. The post has also prompted many to express their thoughts. A user wrote, “True, But always wondering out there will be someone like us !! (sic)”. A second user wrote, “We are just a tiny dot in the whole universe (sic)”. A third user commented, “We are just a small speck of dust in this entire universe! . Good morning Ji (sic)”.

(Image: @anandmahindra/Twitter/ANI)


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