Amazon Prime UI Gets A Major Overhaul


Amazon Prime Ui Gets A Major Overhaul

If there has been one consistency in the era of streaming, it has been that Amazon Prime Video has had the ugliest and arguably most impractical user interface of them all. That’s about to change.

Rolling out across the Summer starting this week, Amazon is launching a significant overhaul to its interface with a modern look, dynamic visuals, new live TV hub, improved search and more.

It marks the service’s most significant change in nearly a decade and will also finally offer users the ability to quickly tell what’s included free in Prime and what titles are available for separate VOD purchase or rent.

Amazon has reportedly been developing the new UI for about 18 months and will first launch on connected TV devices like Fire TV, Apple TV 4K, Roku devices and the Android app and will be deployed to all Prime Video customers worldwide over the coming weeks.

Amazon will then bring the new UI to Apple’s iOS devices and its own website after that.

Source: TV Line


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